Tuesday, 8 July 2008

For Posterity.

I have frequently documented my adoration of top to toe, One Colour Outfits. They need a name... they probably have one, but as you can likely tell, my impressive vocabulary is pretty much limited to words beginning with P. In fact, I was about to do a post about the fantastic word 'pulchritude' and its fascinating connotations but I realised that there is very nearly no-one (apart from me) who is interested in my ramblings about words. I should totally study etymology.

Anyway, as I said, I am obsessed with the idea of these wonderful outfits. Bonus points if they match the wallpaper. I've been harbouring the idea of a One Colour Only Wardrobe for a long time. In fact, there's always been a colourcentric element to my shopping.

This leads to this post. For Posterity. It combines two of my favourite thing, words beginning with P and One Colour Outfits. It should therefore be a top favourite post, however that would be cheating because I have effectively stolen the idea from the very talented Clothes Horse. I've already told her that if my cheekiness is, well, too cheeky then I am happy to take this post down. But for now, I shall post these delicious photos that she found on style.com from a couple of Haute Couture collections. That the One Colour Outfits (OCOs?) can be found in more than one collection is indeed wonderful news, because it means that me and the top designers are on the same wavelength. Great minds and all that.


  1. j'adore as well! I keep thinking it will be hard to find tights and shoes to match though...

  2. Ha-ha, no worries use away! It wasn't actually a long process to find them, I was just look at the Haute Couture shows and they all leapt out of me...

  3. Thanks!

    And pamcasso, that's all part of the fun! Although I think mis-matching shades of the same colour would be a lot more wearable (less 'haute couture') and quite a cool look.

  4. unicolor outfits are very cool if you ask me. hard to pull off, but that's a different story. i've done it a few times but restricted myself to black or grey-ish tones. i dream of doing a gold outfit with a particular phillip lim dress i cannot stop thinking about.. *sigh* oh, but i should also mention that it wasn't too long ago that i read an article somewhere about three women who had their wardrobes stuffed with clothes in one color only. fascinating reading. i'll be looking out for it.
    anyways, did you try the one color look yourself? i'd love to see! :)

  5. I loved all these, especially the red. I wish I was bold enough to go monochrome like this.

  6. Ahhhhh so there are terms for One Colour Outfits: unicolor AND monochrome. But isn't monochrome just black and white?

    I don't know, but thanks mettch and enc xxxx

  7. yes, i think monochrome covers all shades between black and white. and thanks for you comment on my blog btw :) and must say it's quite an interesting trend that's been going on for a while, the one color styling.. on the runways only, though. so looking forward to seeing you tries with unicolor :) all pink sounds very brave but it could turn out fantastic i'm sure!