Saturday, 2 April 2011

why maybe i should start avoiding my haven

LIfe is hectic right now. This morning was the first time in about a month I hadn't been woken up involuntarily (alarm clock, shaken body). Nevertheless, I woke up at 9. My body clock is that unused to a lie-in. This is the main reason why I haven't been blogging, or writing for leisure, or doing anything else creative, because when I'm not working or dashing or something, I'm lying in a zombie-like state on Facebook or some other unproductive activity.

Anyway that's not really related to this post, apart from the fact that it means I have also basically stopped any semblance of 'creative shopping', which I see as combing through vintage and charity shops, or spending hours online looking for the best deal, or wandering across unexpected jewels at a market or boutique. It just requires too much effort.
But maybe my bank account would be better off I made shopping for myself a little harder. Instead, this past month, I have only been to the shops twice, and both times I could not be bothered to actually have to move from shop to shop so I just went to Selfridge's. That was today and the day of my last post. Surely that in itself has to be some testament to the ability of this shop to inspire me, or something. Never mind that I cannot afford 99.9999% of the items in this store. Surprisingly, considering its elite image, there remains a 0.00001% (I think the maths there is right...) of items which are exactly what you'd find on the high street, only they're laid out more beautifully, with more helpful staff, and air conditioning, and toilets, and space, and food.

Hence perhaps why I can't help but find that one thing I've been looking for for years on end every time I go. Last time, it was the holy grail of trench coats.

My trusty trench in action, marching and protesting its little heart out last Saturday.

And today, Minnetonkas. Overpriced, maybe, but when there are only three pairs left and two of them are your two possible sizes and one of them fits perfectly, and last year's summer shoes all fell apart/got lost (don't ask), you can't really say no, can you?
But now I think it's time to stop. I seem to have confused buying clothes for the summer and saving money for the summer. Plus, I was meant to write an essay today.