Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Birth of Octopuses

I had a couple of posts that I was planning to write up and publish today, but this fantastic tidbit had to take precedence.

You see, I have a couple of fabulous dresses. Serious, below the knee affairs. But they're so damn elegant that I really have no place to wear them. Except, one time, around November of 2007 I decided to go and watchh a film at the BFI Film Festival. And I was desperate to wear the beautiful gold silk dress I had recently acquired. So I pulled on a pair of purple tights, some battered brown boots and a great big duffle coat (there was some serious rain); I was still the most over-dressed person there.

It may be slightly worrying that I can remember an outfit which is over 6 months old in such minute detail, but to me it is completely understandable because I had such a fantastic night; it was a stunning movie. The film we watched is called Naissance des pieuvres (click on link for brilliant myspace page), literally 'The Birth of Octopuses' but the English title is Water Lilies. Both names are very apt for this breath-taking story of teenage love, with some of the most beautiful scenes centred around the beautiful Florianne, who is a synchronised swimmer.

The film came out in France in August, the UK premiere was in November and I read at the time that it was coming out in our cinemas around March, but I never saw any listings for it and so couldn't watch it a second time, which I love to do. So I was delighted to check onto 4oD (channel four's online tv service) and see that Water Lilies is available to rent. I urge any of you who can access 4oD (it's free in the UK) or even if you can't, to go and find it and watch. I think it was one of the first films I've seen which is truly unique (my film-watching has surged this past year) because of its wholly un-Hollywood approach. There are plenty of pauses, beautiful cinematography and of course, the obligatory vagueness ... you don't always know exactly what's going on.


  1. That film sounds lovely. I want to see it now!

  2. After writing this post, I had a quick look on youtube; I found this trailer but I think someone's uploaded the whole film on there.

    Obviously, it does lose some of its magnificence like that.

  3. Ah yes, I remember this coming out in London but I missed it....will check it out on 40D (along with BBC iPlayer, what did I do before the two....?)

  4. I know susie... 4oD have a whole new selection of FREE dramas some over 10 years old.

    And I watched a feature film on BBC iPlayer the other day.