Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Art Film Club!

After I finished the post on Picnic at Hanging Rock, I remembered something else I had wanted to mention. The actress who plays the central if small part of Miranda, Anne-Louise Lambert has been quoted saying that she was originally turned down for the role, but then offered it a second time because the director had decided that the woman who had been chosen was 'too big'. At first, I thought this meant they wanted an unknown, but then I realised that they were referring to her physical size. This added piece of trivia has made me think even more about the aesthetic importance of films, and if that is enough to make them truly great.

I watched another film today when I knew I just HAD to post about, because almost every shot was so absolutely stunning. I literally gasped at certain posts because it was so beautiful. The stunning costumes, set design and musical touch all contribute to the fact that 'The Umbrellas of Cherbourg' is another film which simply feels like it should be art.

I wanted to post every single shot; the film is a sequence of bursts of colour, but here are some of my very favourites:

Guy's place. He wears brown and blue, and his apartment is completely decorated in green and blue. How charming!

Chez Genevieve, they go for pinks, reds and oranges

And bows in your hair are a must!

Isn't this just the best matching you've ever seen???

Guy's other ladies get some gorgeous clothes too

Absolutely beautiful tracking shot

You don't kow how difficult it was to limit myself to so few (!) shots! The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is simply bursting with stunning images, and I am sure it deserves some sort of Oscar for the wallpaper alone!


  1. I just watched this like three months ago! what a great fashion film. I may have to post on it in the future too!

  2. Rather embarrassingly I keep on returning to this post just to gaze at the caps and think of all the other ones I could have posted!

  3. I watched this with my sister. We were caught off guard that it was less a musical and more operetta--ie: singing every line. But it is gorgeous and the clothing is fantastic.