Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The Original Fictional Mary-Sue Litmus Test

I've always found this absolutely hilarious. There are plenty of slight variations on the test, however the one I linked is pretty comprehensive.

A Mary-Sue is basically a character created who fulfills the secret wishes and desires of its writer, in such a way that the character is unbelievably flawless and filled with clich├ęs. Or, if the character has flaws, they are often shared with their inventor and are miraculously overcome in the course of the story.

I think I find it so funny because each question identifies so strongly with the 123504196 teenage fiction books I read when I was about 9, about kids who move to a new school, make no friends but then get transported to this fabulous world where they make a lot of friends and save a lot of people, or something along those lines.

Someone's version (courtesy of Google Images) of an Anti Mary-Sue. Yes, she is spectacularly normal, for a witch, but I don't think you can actually have magical powers without being levitated to slight Mary-Sue status. I can't imagine a single person who doesn't want to be magic, so there's got to be some wish fulfillment involved here, no?

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