Monday, 12 May 2008

RIP Darling Bee

Remember that bee I used as a model in my little shoot a couple of posts back? He died :(

Don't ask me how I know he's male, or even a bee (because he may be a wasp, I'm not completely sure). In fact, I wasn't completely sure that he was dead; I thought he was just napping (maybe he had a little dizzy spell after starving himself to look good in the shoot?).

I took a couple more photos of Bee which I wasn't going to post:

And here he is, placed on a sheet of blue because that is where all Bees belong; in the sky. I shall presently move him to his final resting place, but this can act as a commemoration of Darling Bee.

Maybe the pressures of fame just got too much?


  1. I come to bury the bee, not to praise him.

  2. Very witty WendyB.
    Also, I noticed that you put me on your blogroll, thank-you!

  3. They die quite dramatically don't they...whimpering off or dropping mid-flight...

  4. "He" is definitely a she, since all worker bees (those that leave the nest and forage, or those that protect the nest) are females.

    The males, or drones, pretty much just mate with the queen and stay in the hive. You are unlikely to see them.

  5. Maybe this bee was just gender confused?
    Thanks for clearing that up though anonymous, care to reveal yourself?