Saturday, 21 June 2008

Style Schizophrenic

I have a problem.

I am not content to merely have a nice wardrobe. Whenever I watch a film, or read a fashion article, or a book, or a blog I am invariably left wanting a highly distinct style. Let me explain further. After watching The Umbrellas of Cherbourg , I became entirely convinced that I want a wardrobe where I can wear an entire outfit in one colour. Then I go even further. I want to be this lady:

(photo and article about New Yorkers who only wear one colour here)

But then I watch Breakfast at Tiffany's or see a couple of photos of Angelina Jolie. Immediately I want to purchase the entire contents of Uniqlo and wear nothing but neutral colours with the odd orange coat for the rest of my life.

Then I watch some films with one of those other old-time glamorous movie starlets. Or I browse through my wonderful book of Great Costumes from Classic Movies Paper Dolls before watching Atonement or an episode of Poirot. I am instantaneously convinced that serious vintage is the way to go and set out to stock up on fur stoles, slinky evening gowns and some hairspray.
Yet before I know it, I spot a springy looking girl with a funky crop and retro dress and think how dull elegant is. And I've gone and purchased a colourful floral dress although I don't have any shoes that go with it.

Oh... but how truly stylish do those daring bloggers and style-spotter darlings look in their fashion-forward mannish trousers, harem pants and vertiginous heels. I want to rock adrogyny! Or like somebody the Sartorialist would shoot. How about both?! (photo taken from said Sartorialist)

So... is there hope for a young 'un like me? Will I *one day* fall naturally into my own defined style, or am I destined to be a complete and utter style schizophrenic forever?


  1. I've felt this plenty of times. There are many, many appealing looks. It's difficult to choose ONE. Maybe you don't have to. Maybe you could have a closet with two or three looks, and you could wear whatever you were in the mood for that day. Or that minute.

    Maybe you could go try on a bunch of different looks and see what you feel good in, and what looks good on you. Maybe you'd find that all neutrals, or vintage only was wrong for you, because it was too limiting or very blah. These are just madeup examples.

    What's fun about this—yes, fun—is that you get to go have fun experimenting. And you can take as long as you want to experimenting, because it's not a timed event.

    And as you experiment, as you have success, as you make mistakes, you'll find YOU.

  2. i know how you feel. but maybe being schizo is a kind of style too! you can have different "themes" everyday, but there's a signature piece of something that always defines you.

    i'm still searching too!

  3. I have felt this way too, I feel so inspired by how others dress. Just keep playing!

  4. This is one of my greatest struggles--finding my style. I want a distinct look and to stumble across pieces and think--"yes! this is me," but instand I feel like a style schizophrenic.

  5. It's surprising (and comforting) how many of you feel the same way!

  6. hehe. :) We wrote it around the same time.. great minds.. ;)

    I do get 'suddenly' inspired by looks.. but I really have to think hard sometimes 'is this really me?' I believe I am slowly getting there, though.

    Perhaps these are jut aspects of your look though and that they are somehow linked..