Sunday, 22 June 2008

Hello @ 6:49

No, you did not misread the title of this post. Yesterday I went backpacking with my school-friends as a practice for the 'real' hike in September. 12ish kilometres (or more due to a slight... detour) and the same thing again this morning, completed before I normally wake up on a Saturday.

There was a 17th birthday party in the same (public) field that we were camping in which kept me up until well past midnight. Luckily my heavy sleeping meant I slept through one drunken partygoer jumping on some (occupied) tents. Then I woke before 5 and had to get up properly for a 7 o'clock start soon after. So... hello @ 6:49

-Every part of my body aches down to the fingers typing this up. I am about to have a nice bath... I'm going to blame you if/when it overflows. Still, I had a wonderful time and despite feeling like I'm mstill wearing a 60l backpack, I feel very exhilarated and my legs feel very toned. I know this is probably a figment of my fluctuating imagination, but it's nice while it lasts.

-On that note: the 'i love my grass' mood of last Sunday (these posts are scary because they highlight how fast time passes) is firmly continuing. I think I may be rivalling Pollyanna in the silver lining stakes. Sickly.

-I am literally struggling to keep my eyes open and the bath is enticingly ready. But I just noticed on Dashboard that I have my first double figures comments! Did that sentence make any sense? Also... I just thought, there must be really different systems on typepad and blogger because I have no way of knowing if my old posts have new comments, unless I religiously check through them (which I *occasionally* do)

-OK, time to go.

PS I think the words of the day are paying off, this post is littered with impressive vocab dontcha think?


  1. You can set up your blogger account to e-mail you each comment as it comes in so you don't have to check manually.

    Have fun with your restful day.

  2. Thanks enc, I'm feeling surprisingly chipper today.

    Ack, I get pissed off with facebook notifications, I don't think I could bear blogger ones too. But thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh I do what enc suggested. But then I don't have facebook...