Monday, 5 May 2008

Cheaper than Therapy

This blogging lark is cheaper than therapy. You know what else is cheaper than therapy (but more costly than blogging...)? Shopping!!

In my experience, the therapeutic element of shopping is intensified when combined with SALE PRICES and HOT PINKNESS.

I also almost bought

and a hot pink pointelle cardigan from a Topshop concession with heart buttons and two metallic bow brooches.

Sensing a pattern yet?


  1. oh I love the skirt! Do you mind if I ask where it's from (I can't resist shaped buttons!)

  2. Ohmygod first comment! and breeeeath

    sorry that really excited me!

    It's one of the concessions that Topshop sell at their Oxford Circus branch - called Reko. I can't remember if there were any more, but here was definitely a fabulous turquoise version with shell shaped buttons!