Monday, 5 May 2008

One More Ego Show???

Okay I reaaaaaaally need to go listen to some Lord of the Flies on my i-Pod (yes, this is my version of revision) and maybe I should type this post in French...

But anyway I thought, wouldn't it be nice to do a little post with some of my favourite cards? You know, some sort of moral boost, life validation? See I am a serious card-maker. I think it may be the slightly perfectionist aspect of my nature but I cannot spend less than, say, an hour making a card.

I'm pretty proud of some of these - they're like my artistic outlet, since I'm shit at proper drawing and stuff. Anyway, so here are a couple of my favourites and the little stories behind them, I'm not going to do them all at once because I can envisage this taking a long time, especially with the little stories.

(click on the images to view them in wondrous enormity - I had to make them this teensy so they would look pretty sitting next to each other)

Left: This, I think, is one of the first cards I made alone, when I was around 10 years old for my dad's birthday. Cute, right? That bear was drawn using a method which I now incorporate into most of my cards; looking up [insert relevent object here] on Google Images. It's an art which I have practised for a long time and some may say indicates lack of imagination but I tend to disagree. BTW, the ribbon came from a chocolate box. Classy, eh?

Right: This is a more recent one, just over a year old I think. I have rather cleverly edited out my friend's name on Paint, which may explain the slight discolouration and odd amount of space below 'Happy Birthday'. This idea originated because I was giving my friend some money for her birthday and I wanted to inject something a bit more personal into the gift. So this card niftily doubles up as a cash holder too! I used a clutch because my friend loves fashion, basing the design on a Chloe clutch I found on net-a-porter. Shameless. I think this lapse in integrity is excused by the wonderful ribbon used to create the bow which is not actually a bow, but three pieces of ribbon cleverly arranged (Google search 'how to create a bow' comes to the rescue!) to minimize ribbon usage. I love ribbon - this particular one was therapy from the super ribbon shop VV Rouleaux.

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