Sunday, 15 November 2009


Oooooops. I got through six out of the seven days of my blog-a-day challenge, then failed. Does this call to anyone's mind that blonde joke about the blonde, brunette and the redhead who are stranded on an island?

Read it here. Now swap blonde out for redhead.

Anyway, I thought maybe I should invent some sort of excuse, but I am way too honest for that. Still, I would like to salvage some of the challenge with the fact that I did actually take a photo yesterday, and had every intention of writing the accompanying post.

I was looking for my hat, which has been AWOL for as long now as it has been cold and rainy enough for me to want to wear it, and for me to realise that it is nowhere to be found. But every time I had looked for it up until now, I was running really late and so normally gave up my search after a couple of seconds. This time, I emptied out every drawer I thought it might be in.

I didn't find the hat, but I did find the navy bag you see above. I bought it around March 2008 for a trip to Paris; the specification was: leather, can carry loads of crap, at least a little chic, and cheap. This £45 Topshop offering ticked all those boxes so I ignored the likelihood that it wasn't going to last very long. Sure enough, by the time I had returned from Paris, the rain had completely transformed its colour from blue to teal, but I was OK with that. But then a little while later the handle came off, irreparably. Still, I couldn't quite make the move and throw it away; I still like the colour and the shape and it carried far too many memories of the trip to Paris. So I left it in one of those very full drawers.

When I came across it yesterday, I was looking for my hat, but also trying to decide which bag to wear in the rain. When I saw this, it seemed ludicrously obvious that I could just tie a scarf through the rings and still wear it. Moreover, I had a silk sort of scarf that I got free and never wear, whose shape and colours would work perfectly.

For a while, I felt like a crazy inventive inventor, until I realised that it was really a very obvious idea.