Saturday, 7 November 2009

bits and bobs

I've had an idea which might help to make my blogging a little bit more consistant.

Every day this week, I am going to try to post. But there is no use planning one of my normal half hour plus writing sessions for a single post, because, as if I haven't said it enough already, There. Are. Not. Enough. Half hours. In. The. Day.

Instead, I am finally beginning to utilise my summer birthday present of a digital camera. Because, yet again, There Are Not Enough Hours of Light to use my DSLR. Then I can post whatever interesting picture I have taken from that day, with maybe one or two lines, which should hopefuly be insightful and wonderfully witty.

Happily, I already have a couple such photos stored on the camera. Let's start with this one:

Three, or maybe four days after, I am still in awe over the intactness of my self-manicure. I have had this dark purple by MAC for a long, long time now. At first, I hated it; it's so thin and takes about three layers to look consistent, which with my span of patience means that I could never get it right. But I haven't bought any new polishes for so long now that the rest of my collection has descended into shitness, so I thought I would try this out again. Who'd have thought that some polishes actually improve with age??? (although admittedly this is a shot of my lefthand which looks much better than my right hand).

Tomorrow: I am not sure yet, although I do have a spectactularly focused shot of the tip of one of my hairs split in 12 different places. But is that a bit gross for the internet?

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  1. Wow, pretty, you have incredibly beautiful hands! The polish looks good, too.