Wednesday, 4 November 2009


You know that sweet little phrase designed to console those who've lost some money while gambling, who are feeling a little down on their luck, 'lucky at cards, unlucky in love'? Well, maybe they should have spared a thought for the poor souls who suffer miserably any sort of board game of luck, card game, lucky dip or competition raffles and who are not lucky enough to be enjoying scores of 'happy love affairs'.

I know this sounds a little bit silly, but I have been entering a lot of competitions lately, wondering if with the rules of probability on my side, I could try to give my luck a more forceful nudge in the right direction. Well, guess what?

The delightful LibertyLondonGirl recently held a giveaway for a pair of cute gloves. In my new spirit of entering as many competitions as there are prizes I want, I went crazy, I entered. The odds were more heavily for me than most competitions I enter, but right now I wouldn't trust a flip of the coin to choose me.

But, but, I won! OMGOSH, WTF, WTH, OMGZZ!

As I pushed my index finger through the hole on my old cashmere gloves to turn the page of my (incredibly whiny*) book on the freezing cold bus at a time when no human beings should really have to be awake, I thought about how great it would be when I got my fantastic new gloves.

Thanks again, LLG. Thanks so much!

Maybe I should try to employ forcibly nudging of luck in other areas of my life.

*Although I realise that I am being just as whiny as Franny and Zooey of Franny and Zooey. I hope no-one's still reading this!