Tuesday, 27 October 2009

the beauty of the seasons

I am sorry. I have not been a good blogger. I do not even have the 'busy' excuse because this week has been as long and empty and completely and utterly unproductive.

The only excuse I have had is that I did not want to be a moody blogger. I was tired of moaning to you, so I could only imagine how tired of it you would be.

I have never been a particularly big fan of autumn, or fall as Americans call it (I never got this difference; is it something to do with the leaves falling from the trees?), although apparently my colouring is 'autumnal'. I just hate, hate, hate the early evenings. You don't want to go out because it's so dark and miserable and then you feel lonely and bored. There is not enough light at my desk so I am writing this with barely enough light and I am sure that is why I have such a bad headache; from writing pages and pages without enough light over the last few days.

Pass me the Nurofen Plus. Ouch.

In the mornings it's freezing and so when I go running my fingers almost fall off. But it's not quite cold enough to wrap up in my new scarf and boots and a nice cosy coat. Yet when it's dark and cold you want to snuggle up in your bed more than to go out and face the world. You want to stay in and eat comfort food, even though you can't taste anything because you have a stinking cold.


I moaned anyway.

But then I thought, okay, I hate being miserable so let's find something beautiful in autumn. Something that will make me love it.

I got my camera out. I went to the woods. I started snapping.

OK, so autumn is sort of pretty.

Baby steps.

Still, I am pissed off because my camera is now dead and loads of the photos are blurry.


  1. I didn't really like autumn either, but then I read this: "Autumn, like so many others- is my most favourite time of year. We are inseperable, Autumn and I. I welcome it in with sweater clad arms and a smile painted with red lipstick. Forget summer, for it is too hot. Forget spring, when the road turns to mud. I can forgive winter for it’s blustering snowfalls, but my heart will always belong to Autumn.
    I adore clutching cups of tea in cold hands, breathing in great gulps of fresh clean air, and laughing at the wind. Autumn means writing in notebooks whose pages are still so white. It means sharpening pencils. It means cleverly putting together outfits and agonizing over what to wear the first day of school. It is the start of something so new and fresh you can taste it on the tip of your tounge. It is for impossible dreams.
    It’s the time when the cold begins to gather in the air. I love seeing my breath in the early morning as I wait for the bus. It’s when you spend after school walking with the boy you like and you come home, pink cheeked and red lips to the sun streaming through the windows. It’s daydreaming about all the wonderful things that could, will, and should happen. It’s magic.
    Autumn is for pashminas wrapped snugly around your neck and opaque tights under dresses. It’s breaking in your beautiful coat. It’s wearing red lipstick as you laugh with your friends. Cozy sweaters and shared blankets. Coming home from school to the smell of freshly baked bread, pulled out of the oven and still steaming. It’s for chocolate chip cookies with melted chocolate in the middle, dipped into milk. For large pots of french onion soup, slowly stirring in the kitchen.
    Skies that are a blue that isn’t quite the summer blue you’ve grown used to. Angry seas with churning waves and wind ripping across the prairies. Padding around the house in the early morning, planning days full of adventure. Walking by the river and crunching leaves under high heeled boots. Feeling the cold water with your hand and singing to no one in particular, just the world. Laughing, laughing, laughing. Being creative.
    Sketching exciting new ideas, designing jewelry, planning wonderful blog posts. Sharing sweaters with that cute-guy-who-may-be-more-than-a-friend. Scarves and dangly earrings with rosy lipstick. Evenings curled up under blankets with a good book. Waiting for snow to come. Writing Christmas wish-lists. That lovely new crisp feeling that surrounds you. It’s about snuggly and fluffy pajamas, at home spa nights with friends. Talking with your mother over a pot of tea and some cookies. Holding hands. Pale skin and chapped lips with coconut chapstick. Love floating through the air, whispering its secrets.
    I love Autumn."
    It made me feel so much better about it :) Hope it's not too long for you!

  2. Oh I KNOW! Whilst I love that it is acceptable to cover light shy legs with tights, and shield a bottom with an oversized winter coat, there is somthing miserable about it...

  3. Beautiful. I love your musings and your moanings.