Monday, 9 November 2009


Today I have been so hungry. Not in the all too normal, I just can't stop shovelling food in my mouth way. Proper hungry.

I woke up and had two breakfasts to stave off the hunger at 7AM. Worked solid until 11AM so didn't physically have a chance to eat, at which point I prompty finished off my lunch. Completely ravenous. At 1PM, bought a nice snack bar. But oh my god I cannot describe the hunger I was feeling from 3ish to 5.15. The kind of hunger which you can physically feel, and can almost describe in words... like a bubble inflating in your stomach, kind of gnawing. Then I had a bowl of soup, then an apple, then a roast dinner. Mmm, finally, not hungry. Except at 9PM when I sat down to watch TV, I was hungry again.

So I ate, cinammon and apple ricecakes. Scrumptious.

Fascinating, eh? You will have to live through another 4 days of this I'm afraid.


  1. I think I know what you mean. About once a month, I Hoover everything in sight.