Tuesday, 10 November 2009

basic black cardigan

Try to think of the most basic, versatile, boring even, item of clothing. I reckon a black cardigan would come in pretty far up on the list.

Although my wardrobe is quite 'basic', especially in comparison to most sequinned, tutu'd and feathered teenage girls, a basic black cardigan is one thing I don't have. On the occasion that nothing but black would cut it, I go for grey, or navy. Or hot pink.

I do however have one cardigan which is black, but with pointelle and made of angora and having no buttons, I would say it's anything but basic. I randomly took a photo this morning to illustrate the fact that my getting dressed method daily at 6:30 in the morning is 'pile as many clothes on as you can. Fast.'

Then I got overheated and took it off and lost it at school some time today. This got me thinking about the fact that I am not immediately concerned; for a supposed basic I rarely wear it. It probably gets pulled out about once every three months, and normally because it's so warm or the sillouette works really well with more weirdly cut clothes. But I am a bit upset as my grandma gave it to me one of the last times I saw her.

Ah well, it should turn up soon...

This is part four of mainly mundane posts to accompany daily digital photo week.


  1. Basics to some, embellishments to others.

  2. I hope it comes back to you. I liked how the textures of the two sweaters matched so well.

  3. It's probably in the "safe place" where I put everything important.

  4. I had a favorite black turtleneck sweater that I lost. I still grieve it. I called 3 different dry cleaners. I called a hotel I stayed at. I asked friends and family if they had seen it. I still miss it. I hope your sweater comes back to you.xxox