Wednesday, 11 November 2009

don't take it off

Me, Day Five (aka I am soo shocked this is lasting this long!)

The purple pendant you see was a present from my aunt about five years ago. I like the design because the chain cuts through the stone, and I love the colour because purple is just so awesome, so regal. It came with the chain.

My mother gave me the other pendant when I was tiny and I have always for some reason been mesmerised by the small swinging heart inside. It didn't come with a chain and thus I have lost it a couple of times.

The chain you see is so thin that it has a couple of knots in it. I don't like thick chains and besides, even if I did, it would look plain wrong with the daintiness of my pendants. The most recent time that I lost and found my heart pendant, I decided to sling it on this chain next to the purple pendant and not take it off.

That way I won't lose it.


  1. I think this pairing is perfect. Just lovely on you, and I love it, too!

  2. It's beautiful. I wouldn't take it off either.