Monday, 11 May 2009

bloody back ache

Revision invariably means long hours spent sitting at a desk. Even with the best of chairs, that will eventually equal horribly painful back-ache.

At first, in my attempts at procrastination I surfed all the websites I have ever visited before, which includes a gazillion different fashion forums and blogs, a gazillion celeb gossip websites, a gazillion quiz/trivia games (some of these I kidded myself actually counted as revision...), watched a gazillion TV programmes on free iPlayers, played a gazillion games of solitaire and spent a gazillion hours on one social networking website.

I am only slightly exaggerating. It is the truth that in the course of my religion revision I discovered the Duggar family and spent about an hour absorbed in their 20 people family. I'm not even meant to be studying Christianity.

Anyway, I pretty soon realised that after I had procrastinated on the computer I would have to continue to work... at the computer. So I have now realised that procrastination that does not take place at the desk is much more pleasant.

I discovered 'cooking' i.e. reheating food to a barely edible standard and creating salads (harder than it sounds since we do not have a microwave).

I discovered that tidying your room is actually quite fun.

I discovered that daytime TV is shit, but you can watch it anyway.

I discovered that exercise might seem like a good idea but it's not going to happen (hopefully I can prove this discovery incorrect some time soon).

I discovered that I will start reading an 800+ page classic (Middlemarch) rather than re-reading the same set text for English again.

I discovered that I have a pretty awesome £1 coin collection, and that it's actually really hard taking a good photo of coins (wait, I already knew that... from previous 'work' sessions)

I think the step away from the computer is a step in the right direction. There are only so many photographs I can take of money.


  1. I am procrastinating with my revision, too. and internet is a great halp for that one :( Though I found this: - so it may help. Hope it does!

  2. I wonder how long tidying your room will seem "fun" ...

  3. It is amazing how fun things can seem when you have something not fun to do.
    I do think the second picture of th coins turned out fab.
    Good luck with your revisions.

  4. Oooh Zmaga, I will check that out later... when I am supposed to be revising.

    Belette you are so right. And thank you :) x

  5. Interesting thoughts... and discoverings ;)
    The pictures of the coins are very nice and I like the concept.


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  7. Oh,i love the second shot of the coins.=)
    Hope to see more from you.=)

    A Writers Den

  8. I also like the second photo of coins.;D

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  9. Wow, thanks everyone. I will be checking back to all of your blogs :)

  10. haha you have mastered procrastination well!