Saturday, 4 April 2009


It seems to be, that when I'm bored, I take photos.

Shamefully, I have a pretty wonderful DSLR - do not ask me what the model is, I haven't got a clue - which I only really know how to use on automatic mode. So up until now, I have been experimenting based on what you can do with a lens with a very limited range, and an even more limited knowledge of photography (like, you know when you get a really good shot but for some reason the camera won't allow you to focus because there's not enough light or you're too close or whatever, or when it just won't take the damn photo?)

Still, I've got pretty nifty with using focus and depth of field. I've spent ages snapping at whatever poor object I decide to make my next victim. And I've even got brave enough to get a couple of centimetres close to a live wasp/bee, since my camera won't zoom in close enough.

Today, I spent forever trying to capture this £2 coin I discovered in my purse as clearly as possible. The camera simply wasn't doing what I wanted it to. So I started to fiddle with d-lighting (any idea what that actually means?) and one thing led to another, and before I knew it I was switching the camera's setting from 'A' to 'M' (again: any idea what that actually means?) so that the photo is taken instantly without any focusing or anything. I pushed down the contraption on the top of the camera which makes the flash happen (oh, the shame, how untechnical did that sentence sound? And any idea what that is actually called?) and then I found myself switching round all the other settings on the camera but then panicking and switching them all back (any idea how to actually work these settings?).

I managed to get my sister on hand as model for a couple of photos, although I'm not so comfortable posting those. On the other hand, feel free to wonder at the beauty of my stunning £2 coin:

Do not underestimate how long it took me to choose which photo of the same coin to post. Turns out the more 'arty' ones all have a random piece of thread in the background. Turns out the ones I spent forever adjusting the light settings on and focusing on don't show the inscription round the edges properly. Turns out you can see all the detail on the actual coin the most clearly in the photo where my fat hand is taking up half of the photo. Give thanks for cropping.

By the way, I was totally serious with all the questions in parentheses in the fourth paragraph; if any of you guys are into photography and also a little bored, I would love a few answers!


  1. Depends on the camera, but "a" usually means auto (or the camera makes its own settings) and "m" means manual--you change the focus, etc.
    D-lighting is usually a dynamic range expander...there are tutorials online about it.
    It's hard to say a lot of what your camera can do without having it in my hands. I learn best though just by messing have fun with it!

  2. I did take a photography class once--but it was all film and I'm still learning how to use my digital to its full potential. I might be the only person my age who is better with a 35 mm than a digital! @_@
    Oh and the private school was fun in it's own was an all girls Catholic school. All the rest of my years of education were in public school and I rather like the street credibility that comes with being able to say there were gang fights at my school...
    What type of education are you getting anyhow?

  3. Great post.;D Keep on writing,hope to see more from you friend.;D