Sunday, 15 March 2009

Capturing wings

Most people I know seem to instantly regress into hysterical toddlers at the sight of a bee or a wasp. But I, although I have been stung once or twice, am only fascinated by them.

Almost a year ago now, I posted a couple of photos which were the product of a photoshoot with a bee. Another one of those photos is currently the header for my blog.

Back then, I was assured by an anonymous commenter that this was a female bee, contrary to what I had thought (tangent: I was so fascinated by who it was with such extensive knowledge of bees who'd found my blog that I then disabled the anonymous commenter function). Now yesterday, when a winged creature of epic proportions made an appearance in exactly the same spot, I still don't know if it's a bee or a wasp. But I was still fascinated by it, and quickly whipped the camera out.

It also reminded me of when, a few years ago, I was shocked to spy the biggest dragonfly I had ever seen in a country as un-tropical as England, resting at my kitchen window.

And today, in continuance of my bright style mood, I decided to wear my dragonfly brooch, which I continue to love despite it having a broken wing.


  1. love the broach! but did you hear (on the bbc) that bees are starting to die out and no one know why... apparently it'll massively affect crops too x

  2. no I hadn't! wow, that's scary.

  3. I have never been stung and I never hope to be so. Like you, I freak out whenever I see one and so far it is working for me.;-)

  4. I don't mind bees but what I can't stand is when I'm lying there in the grass, having a snooze and I hear that BZZZZZZZ really loudly right next to my ear. I can't bear it, I always think it's going to fly in and buzz around the inside of head! Could that happen?!!

    Oh, and 'the other lady' was PAT McGRATH!! Google her ;)

  5. Damn Rollergirl I need to do my research...

    Belette - I think I have, I just can't remember it at all though. I know I had an allergic reaction, and it wasn't that long ago... but the pain wasn't intense enough to remember it.