Friday, 13 March 2009

Pink, red and purple

I have been in a bright mood lately. As the weeks race past and spring has begun, life seems unusually full of possibilities. Even if I haven't slept very much, energy levels feel higher than normal.

And, in reflection, I seem to be becoming more and more attracted to my favourite bright, cheerful, girly colours: pink and purple and (with today being Red Nose Day) the obligatory splash of red.

I actually first noticed this colour scheme a couple of weeks ago when the new series of BBC drama Mistresses, a highly unrealistic and indulgent look at the ridiculously dramatic love lifes of four friends. One of the characters, Jessica ('Style File' here), who is the most fashion-conscious, has been wearing some lovely pink and purple ensembles which reminded me that for once, I actually have the items which could complete a similar look. So out came the deep pink naiks, gorgeous new bag, bright pink t-shirt over purple vest, and purple skirt. I could have added some purple tights, pink shoes and my cardigan which would have perfectly matched my nails. But that may have just been going slightly overboard.

Then there's the card I was making from 9PM to 12AM, when in my sleep-deprived state I was drawn to the pinkest possible shades. Out came pink file paper, floral light pink fabric, shiny red card, rose tissue paper, magenta beads, purple sequins, lilac paper, pink thread, red stars, glitter. In my mind, pinks and reds and purples are not weak, silly or effeminate. They are strong, passionate and beautiful.

On this blog you can find proof of the power of these colours. Shopping experience has even provided me with evidence of the therapeutic qualities of pink. Red lipstick is proven to beautify the palest, driest lips. Purple... with a beautiful bag in this royal shade, what's not to like?

The lovely birthday girl for whom I made this card and took out in this outfit isn't even that into pink, but it seems that I am.


  1. Looking great dear
    I love the colour combo ;)


  2. Throw in some orange and you'll have a full-on Luella S/S 09 palette!

  3. Mmm, love pink and red together! (Oh, p.s., no, Sophy Robson is not moi, LOL!)