Thursday, 12 March 2009

For now...

I have all these fabulous post ideas, and absolutely no time! I have a total of five fully formulated post ideas just waiting to be written, and never enough time to do so. It's exasperating! OK, I admit, maybe it has a little something to do with Desperate Housewives taking priority over blogging, but you know, same difference...

However it would simply be plain rude not to pass on yesterday's lovely award given to me by blogger Zmaga. So, here it is, a token of fabulousness to all the wonderful bloggers who are much less lazy than I:

The stunning Sally at Already Pretty
The super Sarah at Or False Glitter
The lovely LLG at LibertyLondonGirl
The wonderful Winona at Daddy Likey
The creative Clothes Horse at The Clothes Horse
(I did try to think of a better adjective for the stunning, super, lovely, wonderful writer of The Clothes Horse and even considered using her first name but alas it is the same initial anyway so it doesn't really solve any problems. But all the fabulous bloggers are equally fabulous so...)


  1. Thanks so much, beautiful! I'm honored. I'll do my best to pass this b'love along ASAP.

  2. Great blogs you've pass it on.

    And OMG I'm always complaining about lack of I'm there.