Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Big Close-up

Since rediscovering my camera, I've been having a blast trying to capture the beauty of random objects lying about the place. So I have snapped loads and loads of close-ups, because I find that so much easier that big scenes where you can see all the devaluing fuss and mess around. Funnily enough, the lense of my camera can't go in that close, so I have to get really close and zoom right in. It's pretty tricky, especially because for some photography reason I don't understand, the camera isn't always willing to take the photo... something to do with the amount of light in a shot or something?

I was especially delighted with the results because a couple of the images were of things which I have attempted to show you on the past, but which you can't really capture properly on a shitty camera phone.

Such as this joker necklace, hung on a cork noticeboard along with other jewels:

Or the wonderful lip cream I blogged about here, which you can here see in its sparkly case and all its vivid glory. I thought it would look best with the backdrop of this wall-hanging, but since it hangs from a wall, I had to cup the object and material in one hand whilst trying to shoot it with the other!

I bought this dreamcatcher in Camden Market many years ago to stave off nightmares. Now I find it is the perfect object to take photos of; it presents challenges with the windchimes, it has a naturally interesting backdrop and it is fabulous to focus on. I couldn't get a good shot of the whole chime, though.

Despite the progress I was able to make on my lazy snow day, I'm still not even near able enough to capturing a snowflake. They are so tiny that you don't properly notice them with the naked eye, however many talented photographers have managed to display their exsquisite beauty. If you're one of them, please share your snowflake photos! Here is my particular favourite, taken by super-talented apocathary, which I found on the website Flickr.


  1. sooo georgous! thanks for linking my blog btw :)

  2. I'm a big fan of macro ... love photographing details. These are some lovely shots.

  3. Beautiful! You have made me want a SLR even more!
    Hope that dream catcher is working for you

  4. Beautiful pictures!!!!
    I also love macro, but I've no camera for that.
    I love good photgraphy.


  5. Beautiful photos! Very enjoyable :)