Wednesday, 4 February 2009

My totally anonymous blogspot

Super-duper blogger Winona, who writes the hilarious blog Daddy Likey, has invented and tagged me with a brand-new tag. I am ordered to show you my blogspot i.e. where I write my posts. I felt particularly blessed to be tagged by such a great writer and blogger, especially because I feel we have a sort of kindredship born out of our equally silly blognames: pretty face and daddy likey.

However, unlike her, whom you know is not called daddy likey, for all you know my parents did indeed name me pretty face. Except, even they wouldn't be that presumptious or cruel. But the point is that my name at least remains unknown to the readers of this blog, as I have discussed here and here and... you can tell I've put some thought into this issue, right?

I was determined to share with you the sacred place of my blogging, but I wasn't quite sure how to overcome the problem that I have a sticker with my (real) name emblazoned across the front of my PC screen. Or that at the top of my blog screen, you can see my personal e-mail address: first and last names. Or that on the noticeboard behind me is a plethora of paper with much personal information.

But, oh! I was forgetting the wonders of photo-editing software. Strange, that, considering that only a couple of days ago I had been obsessively retouching unflattering photos. So, here you have it, my blogspot, site of the genius creation that is my blog (edited only slightly).

Now, I've been doing a lot of tags lately, so I feel that I've tagged almost everybody on my blog list already. Still, there are a couple of new additions I haven't got round to yet:

T-shirt and Tails
Numbers&Clues to Colours and Hues

But really, I am generally a nosy person and want to see all your blogspots. So please anyone reading this, count yourself as tagged - that includes those readers who don't have blogs, because you can start one now and then take a photo of your new blogspot!


  1. A very organized place, dear. Nice.


  2. Oh yeah, glad I'm fooling you with the selective angle ;) x

  3. Oh cool! I'm v nosy so I love this!

  4. That's a fun tag. My mother always said "curiosity killed the cat," but you know the second half is "satisfaction brought him back." :)

  5. Looks very cozy, lady. I've got to get around to this tag myself soon ...

  6. I like your blogspot . . . it looks comfy and serene with your cuppa.

  7. It makes me feel much better knowing how equally nosy the rest of you all are!

    Enc, I think I have become addicted to tea. Gaaah!

  8. Fabulous idea! Very interesting to put a physical place to the creation of the words we read.
    And very pleased to see a cup of tea there too. xx

    Ps. I love your anonymity