Friday, 1 August 2008

Accessories with Humour

When I started adding tags to this blog, I didn't think to add a jewelry/jewellery tag because I don't think about my jewelry very much; it takes too much effort (which I have now added). But recently I've noticed that sometimes I do love an accessory and that's when it has that one quality that every woman wants in a man: a GSOH. I like my jewelry to have a good sense of humour.

My most recent accessories acquisition was a little bit of costume jewelry, which I got with some birthday gift vouchers.

It's plastic, it's bright and in-your-face and look! it's even laughing!

However some people might say that funny jewelry should only be costume jewelry, and it should only ever be inexpensive because after a while, the joke gets old. I disagree; take for example Wendy Brandes' (writer of blog with GSOH) Onyx Skull Ring. Normally I take Holly Golightly's advice that 'it would be tacky to wear diamonds before I’m 40'. But the morbid humour of a luxurious skull ring means I love, love, love it and with the subtle detail I don't think I'd throw it away.

Plus, the one accessory I wear almost day in, day out (other than my lovely oversized watch) is my joker necklace. An eagle-eyed reader may have noticed it featuring in one or two of my posts, so you can't deny it's not versatile. The features of his face are so delicate that my rubbish camera couldn't pick them up; the impish grin, flower in the cocked hat and sticky out ears, which may be why he works with absolutely any outfit. But my joker's a lot less dull than the anchor or heart I could have chosen and he's got a great sense of humour.


  1. I completely agree with you. Jewellery must be witty and fun for me to wear it. I love both necklaces you wear. They are so individual.

  2. I certainly hope you wouldn't throw the big skull away ;-)
    If you take a look at antique jewelry -- I mean real antiques from 1100s - 1600s -- you'll see they're loaded with symbolism and sometimes humor, and they hold up very well. I wouldn't want to throw out the skull watch that Mary Queen of Scots commissioned!

  3. I think jewelry is very personal, and we wear it for our own, very personal and specific reasons. Yours is humor, and you do it very well.

    For me, it's sentiment. I like person things, and old things, things that were worn by someone else before me. I almost never wear new jewelry.

    The only new pieces I have are my wedding ring, and a Lotus Flower necklace by WendyB. Both are personal, both mean something to me.

  4. Thanks cherryred and rice and beans... which one do you mean?!?

    Wendy, I definitely wouldn't. And that skull watch sounds fascinating!

    enc, I think you're right. I have a few pieces which are very special to me because of who they're from but I rarely wear them *embarrassed* ... or if I do, for example I have a couple of very sentimentally valuable pendants which I sling onto a chain together so that they're more 'fun'.

  5. I love jewelry with a sense of humor too:) I get a kick out of wearing my chandelier earrings- sorry, I'm too lazy to find the link, but I know I've posted about them. I also have a charm bracelet and like to pick out funny little charms that make me laugh, as well as ones that seem somehow personally significant. I think that joker and the smile necklace are completely fabulous- love how no one would 'get' the smile necklace until they got up close to you!