Saturday, 2 August 2008

I definitely need a new notebook.

When trying to think of something to write, I remembered the post where I shared a poem from a 'collection of musings' I'd started; started being the operative word. When I got the idea, the bits of material I'd already written were all written down in different places, some on the computer, a couple on the back pages of an old notebook etc. So I got an old 'rough book' (books we were given in school to do rough work, which are created so cheaply that the paper is so thin that you can't write with any ink thicker than a biro), bashed out an introduction and began to copy down some of the stuff I'd written.

I soon gave up; there's nothing more monotonous than copying out what you've already spent time writing. This was almost a month ago and the rough book hasn't been touched. So maybe a Smythson notebook would be a good investment? Although on a lower budget, I've always fancied a simple Moleskine, 'the legendary notebook used for the past two centuries by great artists and thinkers, including Van Gogh, Picasso, Hemingway and Chatwin'. Sounds like me...

Anyway, I highly doubt that my 'collection of musings' is going to get very much further, at least for now (plus I've already started my next 'project'; God, it's scary that this blog has actually lasted a good couple of months) so I suppose I could share another one, which is sort of related in that it muses on mirrors, those essential pieces of equipment which we use to decide on our own levels of beauty. Like the other one, it's completely unpolished but it's so much easier to write a half -completed poem on mirrors than spend a good half hour constructing an 'essay' on mirrors. And there are plenty of question marks, so that we can talk about it for a nice long time.


  1. I really love that. I hope you will nurture your poetic side.

  2. Thank you!!

    It's a real ego-boost ;) to receive a compliment like that. xx

  3. I love notebooks:) I tend to save them and not write in them because they're too perfect when they're empty. I'd go with moleskine myself because I'm certain I'd never want to mark in a smythson. Etsy is also a lovely source for inexpensive notebooks, I got one from etsy seller goshdarnknit a while back. I was going to give it to a friend for christmas, but somehow ended up keeping it for myself. Oops!

  4. Moleskines are great. The paper is lovely to write on (I use Muji pens). I write my blog posts in a Moleskine when I'm out and about, then type them up later. Yep, typing them up is a crashing bore. More poems please!