Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Finding Beauty

As you may have gathered, the theme I am trying to use as a linking theme on here is beauty. I believe that beauty is something that is present in every nuance of life, and important to everybody including those who do not see themselves as 'interested in fashion'. However I am also writing an offline collection of musings (for want of a better word) which are all somehow related to beauty. I haven't actually given very much thought to how both the hard and online copy will continue to develop simultaneously; there will probably be plenty of overlaps, but on the whole I think the book will be more personal and less conversational.

Anyway, I thought I'd share the first poem in the book which I wrote a couple of nights ago, because it sort of sums up this blog (well I think it does) although might dip in every so often with some new additions.

It's not perfectly polished because I bashed it out pretty quickly and I concentrated on the structure of the poem. The sentences ending in the middle lines isn't me being pretentious (well it is a little bit), I wanted the lines to flow into each other so that although 'In the words of a love song' is what it says, 'In the pages of a love song' is also true. This sort of works for every line: in the lines of ancient buildings as well as intricate paintings, the uniqueness of a snowflake, but modern art too.


  1. lovely. hearts of ancient buildings confuses me a bit though, I tend to think of lines more with architecture than artwork.

  2. Why, I think it's absolutely perfectly polished.

  3. I know I am repeating myself - but I love love love this post! The usual posts about beauty sound so fake and they are all the same. You actually admitted that you had a bad day or a bad week and that you didn't want to write about some lovely flower on the concrete. Because of the beauty you find around and share it with us, you become a "prettier face" :)