Monday, 14 July 2008

Those little deets.

About a week ago, I posted a 'sneak preview' of some post ideas I had. As it happened, life got crazy and in the short time slots I had to write, I was getting so many other ideas which I wanted to write down before they got forgotten. I have to do this; my mind is always full of ideas yet only a small percentage are in any way preserved. But now I have a little bit of time, so I thought I'd expand on this idea which I keep thinking about:

The little details.When we see an outfit, we notice the main features; the beautiful dress, bold hair colour, statement necklace. But I read somewhere that it's the little details which separate you. Healthy hair, neat and polished nails, clear skin, well-ironed shirts, the tiny buttons and pleats. I'd like to investigate this idea further, and see how it has been presented succesfully in different ways.

Let me explain: throughout the week, I keep on noticing creased clothes. There are the obvious suits, rumpled and scruffy in a way that is not one bit bohemian-poet-who-doesn't-have-time-for-such-chores-as-
ironing cool. Simply put, they look horribly unstylish. But I have also taken to noticing much smaller details; a jersey shirt which is wrinkled on the back or a pair of lined shorts. I have begun to wonder; is it just me, or do other people notice lack of attention to detail too?

As I said in the preview, I once read an article which claimed that the secret to looking chic is in those small details, but I'm not sure this is true. Take Jennifer Aniston, who follows all those rules: not a gleaming hair out of place, well-kept nails, nice and straight teeth. Yet I could never see her as stylish, or chic. Kate Moss, celebrated as the epitome of cool (hey, I'm not saying I agree) could never argue that she takes good care of those little details.

But somehow, when my nails are freshly cut and coloured, when my hair has just been washed (properly) by a hairdresser, when I'm wearing some perfectly matched - and hidden - socks, when my dress has a pretty lining and an edgy exposed zip which is naturally covered by my hair, I feel so much more fabulous.


  1. this is the kind of blog posts that I especially love your blog for.. and I should say that I agree :) Especially with your last statement - that if you feel stylish/fabulous/confident it will be easier to convince other people that you actually are. xx.

  2. Great post. I definitely started paying more attention to details since I've looked at street style blogs. I also keep trying to convince myself to spend more on the things I wear every day, such as my hair, etc. Unfortunately, I'm incredibly lazy about doing my hair and ironing and the like...

  3. I agree! It gives you a great energy boost! It is like a new you! Those details really show that person takes a good care of themselves I believe. Effortlessly chic is great, but sometimes we need small treats! We are not all rock stars. I totally love this post! xxxxxxxxx

  4. I like being put-together; it makes me feel better.

    You made a great point about JA vs. KM. The thing is, KM has in innate style JA doesn't possess. Scruffy or sleek doesn't matter if you don't have style.

  5. Thanks for the post props, it's really nice!

    mettch: that's a key point, it's all about how you carry yourself, and any way which makes you carry yourself better is good, even if it's just psychological.

    pam: I definitely need to spend more money on basics. You've reminded me, I was going to write a love song about basics.

    ToG: You love exclamation marks too! ;)

    enc: Nail on head - these 'little deets' as I said to metch, are pretty much just psychological boosts and if you don't need them, great!