Sunday, 13 July 2008

Hello @ 21.22

I suppose I'm cheating a little bit this week, because I'm not quite off to bed yet, but I reckon that's better than missing another week. I'm not going to hve an opportunity to write this later.... so here are my general thoughts which are pretty jumbled anyway because I've just watched TV for almost 2 hours.

-Yes, I do possibly watch a little too much television/film. But I like to justify this by the fact that I stick to the good quality stuff. No Scrubs, soaps or Big Brother for me. Lots of House and pretentious movies. A little bit of CSI. I just watched the whole first series of The Book Group, a very funny little gem which is an extraordinary mixture of laugh-out-loud, depressing and surreal. I was drawn to it after noticing taht the star is Anne Dudek who is amayyyy-zing on House.

-I also think I've been saying amayyyy-zing a little bit too much recently. I've noticed this after spending a week working with someone who says amayyyy-zing a lot, and darling too (almost as much as me!). It's rubbed off on me in the same way that sometimes you adopt your close friends laughs or arguing techniques.

-My posts for the weekend are horribly text-heavy, no images at all. I scheduled a post for tomorrow which also has absolutely no images, thinking I could slot one in today, but I've had no time and now I'm not writing from my computer, soo.... Tomorrow's post, which is an expansion of one of the sneak preview ideas could have easily included some images but there were none crying out to be added. This led me to wonder: do people find pictures make text much easer to absorb? Almost in the same way that food can help soak up alcohol and prevent hangovers? I do know that I find very long articles much easier to read in a newspaper, where they are intersected with images, than online, where I usually give up about 3/4 of the ay through.

If you think is the case, I might add some images to tomorrow's post. But right now, I think I'm going to make myself some fantastic vanilla, apricot and honey flavoured instant tea. Called Dreamtime. Maybe that will send me early off to bed?


  1. ok, just checking, was the no scrubs thing a reference to TLC or was that an accident??

    I don't know if pics make words more palatable, but I do think we enjoy looking at pictures as a whole. And, since one is worth a thousand words... just kidding.

  2. I'll leave that to your imagination...

    Only joking of course, it was completely accidental. If only I could intentionally be that witty.

    Well internet on my PC is still down so still no easy pics for you today.

  3. I tend to be pretty long-winded, and I'm sure people bail out of my posts before they're done. For that reason, I am trying to cut down on length.

    I like all your posts, though, regardless of length, or whether or not they have photos.