Friday, 4 July 2008

Sneak Preview

Well, I'm back and feeling a lot better, thanks to you guys who wished me better. I think it was only one of those nasty 12 hour bugs because I was fine the following day, merely super-busy. And at the end of the day, super-tired.

I have been missing reading and commenting all your fantastic blogs and my mind has been buzzing with a trillion different ideas. I was going to start again tonight but it appears I am too tired to be able to knock up a decent post, with pictures. Instead, here are some of the ideas I've had going around in my head which should soon arrive as fully-formed posts.

-The little details. When we see an outfit, we notice the main features; the beautiful dress, bold hair colour, statement necklace. But I read somewhere that it's the little details which separate you. Healthy hair, neat and polished nails, clear skin, well-ironed shirts, the tiny buttons and pleats. I'd like to investigate this idea further, and see how it has been presented succesfully in different ways.

-Costume design and The Importance Of Sewing. I'd love to do another post about costume design and the absolute art that it is. I have definitely realised how much effort goes into elaborate custome design and am also realising more and more how when a great deal of effort is put into costumes, it adds so much to a performance. But can costumes be simply an excuse/diversion for worse elements elsewhere?

-Pick 'n' mix or integrity to period? I know I keep coming back to this idea but it entirely fascinates me. In modern times, the most fashionable ensembles seem to be ones which mix different styles and eras, but looking back to earlier decades/centuries and even current couture collections or costumes for film and theatre, a great deal of importance has been placed in maintaining a consistent style and period in an outfit. (accompanying photo is a screenshot of the first page that comes up on a google search for 'de-prettify' - when you take a girly look and add a hard edge i.e. you pick 'n' mick. Interestingly, several of the images coming up are of Queen Michelle at Kingdom of Style)

-The purpose of entertainment. An unusually interesting essay title got me thinking about this one and it sort of links on from the second idea. There are so many different reasons why someone may reach for the 'unessential' entertainment of books, films, TV, music or art. This is such a vast area, ranging from politics to evoking emotion. To me, good entertainment is something which induces an emotion (other than boredom). This is why a film which makes me cry is more beautiful to me than an elaborate production with stars, couture and multimillion pound sets.

As you probably picked up on, a lot of my ideas are centred around performing. This is probably influenced by my current mood and as a result the ideas are all linked so that I couldn't possibly make a full post on all of them. So I thought I'd cheat and give you a sneak preview, and ask, esteemed reader (if there are any of you left), which ideas would you most like to see explored?

And how are you?


  1. I am a true pick n mixer. while I am very inspired by 40's and 50's styles, I like to mix it up with inspiration from Japanese street fashion, a little goth and loads of kawaii. And somehow, all that works for me.

  2. I'm an "old favorites" girl, or a "use what you know works" person. Even though that silly quiz said I was a trendster (hah!), I tend to stick to the same shapes and looks, which—while dependable—can get boring, so I wish I could be more pick and mix.

    I'll look forward to your future posts.

    I'm glad you're feeling better!

  3. Thanks mr style.

    skm, enc, it's interesting how you are so able to recognise and identify your styles. I do not think I can describe my style in words, but am definitely beginning to recognise it.