Saturday, 12 July 2008

I'll tell you what I want...

Do you find that the items on your wishlist change frequently? Obviously, the things I want are dependent on season, so for example at the end of winter this year, I hadn't fulfilled my desire for a simple cashmere jumper and right now that's the last thing I want.

A few months I had a serious craving for a trench-coat. Then the heat turned up and that wish got sort of discarded. But now that it's raining the whole time, I am desperate for one. If you'd asked me two weeks ago what the one thing was that I really wanted, I could have answered you straight away; a sunhat. In fact, I am still on the hunt for a nice straw trilby but the urgency has definitely subsided.

There are, of course, those clothes which do not have any relevancy to the weather. Around a month ago, I was searching high and low for a red skirt. Right now, there is nothing further from my mind (although I would be a very happy bunny to receive one...) and my major lemming is for something leopard print. Now this wish has lasted for a very long time but it recently resurfaced when I spotted that leopard print trench. And today I watched a marvellous movie where one of the characters had the most wonderful faux fur leopard print coat. So in a couple of weekends, totally out of season I am going faux fur coat shopping. Unless, naturally, I decide I want something else.


  1. It does change for stuff that I WANT, but for something like white jeans or blue jeans - are a constant...

  2. The shifting sands of time and lust over fashion items. I hope you find what you're after!


  3. Ok, the trench coat thing. Never ending. Love them. Have to tell you a friend took me to one of her favorite consignment shops on Saturday, a place where the "famous" bring their lovely discards and ... I found a fabulous Calvin Klein trench, perfect color, perfect fit... marked down several times... to 15 dollars. I was so happy.