Thursday, 31 July 2008

Dresses R Us

When I get dressed in the morning, I don't just think about the aesthetics of the look. The weather, of course, is of the utmost importance, however the wearability factor must also be taken into consideration. And dresses are so easy to wear! Maybe the wearability factor could explain why I love dresses so much. I have plenty of them; they accumulate over the years, it's very difficult to get too fat for a dress and they're so easy to wear. Somehow it's easier to justify excessive spending on a dress because it's a whole outfit. Cue:

I love my new dress because it's so wearable, so flattering, so bright and so comfortable! But upon closer inspection the label says that 'professional dry cleaning recommended'. But don't slightly more expensive dresses always say that? I once read an article talking about the bad quality of Zara clothes, but saying that they are actually not much worse that any designer clothes, only we treat a £60 Zara dress worse than a £300 Marc by Marc Jacobs.

But surely if I have to start dry-cleaning it, that reduces the wearability of the dress which is the whole point of it anyway, no? I'd appreciate your input!

Also, I love dresses so much that I think I'm going to do another post about the charm of dresses and my personal very favourite...


  1. I think I treat all my dresses equally terribly, but of course even my most expensive only costs $98! Though it wasn't an "only" for me...

  2. I suppose if you want it to last, you'll dryclean it.

    Can you get some DryEl?

  3. DryEl?
    Thing is, it's a cotton/viscose mix, surely hand-wash or a low machine temperature should be fine?

  4. Cute dress. I don't have a problem with dry-cleaning, so I can't help you there.

  5. My best friend and I call it "the newness" factor. Once you 'washing machine' your dress the "newness" is gone - period. I try to hand wash as much as I can and will only ever dry clean my special items. If I pay more than £100 and its special it gets special treatment. I have been known to hand wash £10 Tshirts I love also, just to keep the "newness". xfrancis

  6. Okay Francis I think I'll just go for hand wash then. It's not a 'special item' just very pretty.

    (or maybe just the handwash cycle on the machine...)

  7. that dress is very beautiful and it suits you perfectly. i love pieces like that. it's enough in itself so you don't need accesories. and i'd handwash it as well :)