Tuesday, 12 May 2009

cool but not conducive to craft

So, round about now I need to start making 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10...11...12...13 cards (this is the first time I actually counted, by the way).

With so many to make, I really can't be too meticulous so I'm thinking I might need to create a template to save time. This is the kind of project when those ready-made adhesive flowers and hearts and brides and grooms (OK, maybe not those last two at this present moment) come in really useful. But, as I have said before, I am loathe to spend my money on that kind of thing when I have plenty of far more unique and free substitutes around.

The only concessions I am willing to make on the money spending front is for: an exceptionally gorgeous ribbon, glitter glue and cards.

Here is an example of the kind of ribbon or buttons I will spend my dosh on - although these stunners were actually gifts a couple of years ago, and I love them so much that I've never even used either of them, which is probably why it's a good idea not to buy things which are too beautiful. Even so, you won't find me buying any of this over-priced yawn-arama.

And then anything else I might just fall in love with, like these beautifully fragile skeleton leaves.

However, just as with the ribbon, I haven't found many occasions to use them. I think there have been a couple of outings, one documented here. But I don't particularly love that card; I think it looks too insipid. Maybe that's the problem with the leaves, they are so subtle and fragile that it's hard to place them alongside big blobs of glitter and thick cards.

I bet you also get this problem, if not with skeleton leaves and glitter then with your ancient and fragile necklace, or with a pair of precarious heels. Do you do anything to try to make them work, or do you, as I do, just sigh and say:

At least they're nice to look at, and fun to photograph.


  1. I once had an interior designer tell me that if you only buy things you LOVE they will all go together even if they aren't the same style, scale or whatever. It may be true but I am not good at mixing. Even the lady at Jo Malone tod me I could mix some of their fragrances but as she didn't tell me which ones go well together I am afraid to try( that said I do have a few fav fragrant layerings).

  2. Oh yes, I bet that everybody has skeletons in their closets... lol

    I'm sure you will do lovely cards.


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  4. The leaves are so pretty!

  5. Thanks The Seeker. Funny story: today I spoke to one of the people I need to make a card for and she said to me 'thanks for the lovely card by the way'. She had received a card and thought it was from me! Which is a nice assumption for someone to make I suppose.

    Wendy, I just love them. I am glad you appreciate their beauty.