Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sans Honte

I'm all for hard work, but sometimes if your work has become so entirely and completely without enjoyment that with every page turned you just want to stab yourself in the eyes à la Oedipus, then it's time to reinvent your work strategy a little. A week ago, I suggested reading cute little kids books in your chosen language as a means of revising said language.

I may have now come up with something even more revolutionary.

Actually, this is probably the least revolutionary idea of all, because I can think of at least one, or two, maybe three... actually probably four other posts which are pretty much based around the same concept - that doesn't refer to revision tips posts.

So, I was searching for a French flick to watch with my friend which we might be able to count as revision. Whilst there are certainly plenty of wonderful French movies out there, I didn't want something in black and white, something easy and gripping thus allowing more concentration to be placed on the language. I was drawn in by the racy cover and suitable amount of awards stars of the 2003 film Les Égarés (Strayed).

When we started watching, I knew I'd chosen well. Introducing: Gaspard Ulliel, acclaimed and sexy French actor.

Dites-moi, cher Gaspard, qu'est-ce que vous regardez?

What better way than to have a gorgeous male lead to keep you focused right on the screen???

Sans honte, by the way, means shameless in French.


  1. SIGHHH. Gaspard Ulliel is definitely a vision. I fell in love with him in Hannibal Rising. He was an amazing serial killer/cannibal. Hahaha.

  2. Yum. I commend your choice.

  3. Would you recommend the movie? I love watching foreign flicks :) (especially ones with hotties)

  4. Farren - funnily, enough I have yet to see him in any English-speaking roles. Not to fear, that shall soon be corrected...

    Sal - I am glad that we share good taste ;)

    Paula - yes I would, actually! Apparently it's not the director's best effort but it's still very good. It would be interesting to discuss the ending with you so please let me know if you do watch it!

    La Belette - mais oui, naturellement! I didn't do too shabbily in my examination so it must have paid off ;)