Monday, 5 January 2009

Beauty Rookie

I do love the glamour of make-up (continuing the Dita von Teese theme, just look at these photos of her working out fully made-up) but in all honesty, I'm a bit of a rookie when it comes to it all.

I have plenty of nail varnish, which I apply plentifully and I am getting better at doing it evenly and neatly. But look closely and it's a non-top coated, natural-cuticles, unbuffed mess. I'm a sucker for any well-marketed skin lotion; I have a MAC cleanser which pulled me in with its 'shot of caffeine' but I didn't realise it's for removing make-up and I just don't do foundation. There are plenty of varying moisturisers which I apply on occasion. I threw out my four-year old mascara and now I apply black liquid eyeliner and mascara, when I remember. I wear contacts, but sporadically.

When I got my red lipstick on Christmas I was delighted and wore it every day that I actually went out and didn't stay at home in my pyjamas all day. It looked great at first, but as the day would wear on I'd peak at a mirror and spy an embarrassed mouth, red around the edges and all dry and flaky. So much for long-wearing and moisturing, I thought. But now I'm starting to think that maybe I'm just not using the right products in addition to the lipstick, or I'm applying it wrong, or making some other blindingly obvious rookie mistake. 'Duh, you should have bought the super-strength-glosstastic-money-money-sealing-coat-arama obviously', I hear you say in reply to my stupidity.

Or maybe something along that lines. Help me out?


  1. Check out Wendy B's tips. That blogger knows her red lipstick...I think she did a post on it once too.

  2. For the lipstick I usually apply with a lipbrush and blot before topping up as and when necessary. But I totally agree with the dry lips thing, lipstick makes it worse! You could try a Dior creme gloss, which is like an uber moisturising lippie in the style of a lipgloss? I have a really nice red one, as bold as lipstick but smooth.

    I wouldn't panic too much, I have got in a make-up rut and have to wear foundation of some sorts everyday along with eyeliner and mascara. Fresh faced is usually much prettier and I wish I had the confidence to go bare. I bet you do it well!

  3. Oh lady, wish I could. I'm a cosmetics know-nothing. The Clothes Horse is right, tho - WendyB did at least one, if not two posts on red lips.

  4. The how-to post I always refer people to is actually Super Kawaii Mama''s very helpful:

  5. Wow, thanks everyone, looks like I've got plenty of material to refer to :)

  6. If your not a foundation person, you could always try a tinted moisturiser or a mineral foundation. Like sarah said, i also wish i could do the fresh faced bare look, i really like it but feel i can never pull it off.
    I would recommend fidning a great moisturiser based on your skin type, if you have dry skin always apply moisturiser before make up, good ones provide a good base as well as being hydrating all day. no7 and santuary spa moisturisers are great for dry skin, although if you have other combinations, no7 also do other ranges.
    On the subject of make up, try looking in magazines for inspiration for new looks, or even just play around with different combination of eyeshadows and find what you like best, if you dont like really dark eyes, try building up some nice nude shades, or even ones with just a hint of colour.
    I'm not really a lipstick person that much, and but when i do i find its drying, which i normally just use a nic lip balm, or a nude gloss.

    hope that helps! :D

  7. sorry for the spelling mistakes, i have a knack for typing too fast and never checking my spelling.

  8. Thanks oaktree! I think part of it is not really feeling like it would make much of a difference/being lazy...

    For example, putting on some red lipstick has such a transformative effect to your entire look, in comparison to foundation or gloss. I seem to either go for bare-faced or dramatic. But I don't mind!