Wednesday, 7 January 2009


This is the first time I have accepted one of those cheaty sort of tags which claims that 'anyone who wants to, feel free to tag yourself' because to be completely honest... they can't be bothered to tag people. That includes me! Anyway, so I got this tag from the super-stylish Miss Karen at I'm Not Anti-Social, Just Short-Sighted, a blog which was recently revealed to me by WendyB (VOTE WENDY AS FASHION BLOGGER OF THE YEAR!!) in one of her posts.

The tag specifies that you post this-or-that number in this-or-that file in My Pictures, but because this is my own tag I feel justified in substantially tweeking the rules. Let's focus on the file where most pictures on this blog are stored, but instead of re-posting photos which would actually be a little pointless, we're going to have a look at those photos which have lain in this folder accumulating dust, because I once thought they were quite cool. It's called the Misscellaneous file. Obviously this is so much less pointless.

Anyway, I apologise in advance for the appalling lack of credit which shall follow in posting these images; obviously none of them actually originated in My Pictures Misscellaneous file but I honestly don't remember where they came from. So thanks everso much, to whomever did originally create these images.

Image 1.Right at the beginning of my leading man fixation, Rhett Butler was my major crush. I can't believe I'm admitting this! Although, he may be a fictional character but he's also very charming.

Image 2. I think I've had this image sitting there in that Misscellaneous folder for at least half a decade... ever since I decided it would be fun to create one of those free websites which basically consisted of pilfering other people's funny facts, interesting trivia and amusing images.

Image 3.
One of a sequence of about ten images I took in Battersea Power Station a couple of years ago, which I was planning on using to enter into an art project when I still fancied myself as somebody arty.

Image 4.

I think this is my most recent accumulation, and I actually remember that it comes from the hilarious blogger Emi at her blog letters from the end consumer. HOW COOL?

I happen to find this a pretty fun sort of tag, so I hereby tag every single person who reads this blog!


  1. This is a cool post... ;)

    Thank you so much for your understanding, you’re sweet and lovely.
    I’m not going to disappear, I’m just not appearing so many times a week.


  2. Sigh- Rhett Butler was a wonderful leading man
    The last picture is so funny! I also like the mall map one :)

  3. Glad to have provided a smile! I am unbelievably drowned in work right now so it was nice to read these lovely comments.

    I feel especially privileged to have cracked you up, Winona! Your blog has made me laugh many times :) xx

  4. Haha brilliant! My computer is quite new so I won't find quite such interesting images xx

  5. Hahaha that was an awesome read! I loved these images :)

  6. Fantastic. You make me realize that I am not downloading enough pictures. Must start saving. I will start with the Gap chart.;-)

  7. Hah! I remember that goofy carrot pic from Letters to the End Consumer. Loved it then, happy to see it reappear.

  8. Loving the hah's!

    Will definitely do more of these utterly random posts, then... xx

  9. Oh hilarious! Esp as I was just editing my Miscellaneous file last night. Some random shit in there!