Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Playing TAG

When I was much younger and everyone suggested a game of tag, I hated it. I wasn't the fastest runner, and I seem to remember an over-riding sense of panic as I ran around the playground more than any sort of exhilirating enjoyment. But now, when I'm tagged to go some sort of fun or tag, it's all funfunfun. Odd, isn't it?

Anyway, the beautiful blogger Sal at Already Pretty has tagged me to reveal 6 random things about myself. Initially, there was that exhilirating enjoyment when someone thinks kindly enough of you to mention you. And then came the panic.

Because really, this blog is a collection of all the random things which I notice about myself and everything around me. And I'm not even that random a person.. in fact, whilst trying to come up with something suitably random I kept on thinking to myself 'have I not already mentioned this?' either in some other post, or in the other random things tag (well actually that was a quirks tag). But I finally managed to come up with a few facts:

1. I was one of the few children on earth who actively detested any form of physical exercise. Yes, a game of tag inspired panic and a trip to the toddler's gymnasium invariably ended with me sitting by the coats, unbuttoning... buttoning... unbuttoning...

2. I'm really bad at repeating stories. I find it hard to keep count of who I've told what, which means a lot of 'I used to have... no, wait don't worry. I think I've told you already. Hang on, have I told you about...'. It also means I find it difficult doing this sort of tag.

3. I have a brown freckle in one of my eyes, which are green.

4. I actually have a lot of freckles! Proper brown ones though, not lots of orange pin-pricks on my nose. Sometimes when I'm bored, I play join-the-dots with the freckles to make triangles.

5. I feel incredibly guilty right now because I offered my leather moisturiser (which worked wonders on my jacket) for her to use on her brand new leather jacket and now it looks to be stained... any advise people?

6. I am tagging:

Details of the Fabric
Square Old Soul
yes and yes
American Koukla
Liberty London Girl (yes, she's back! I hyperventilated when I saw too!)
Or False Glitter


  1. ooooooh! I didn't realise London Liberty girl was back! How exciting! Oh and you would have hated me at school, I LOVED tag! x

  2. I don't know London Liberty girl. I seem to be the only one. I have seen several blog posts celebrating her return.

    I love that you have a freckle on your eye. Soooo cool. Oh, and I am total crap at telling stories when I have to tell them. Writing is so much easier.

  3. Yeah, you both got it the wrong way round, it’s Liberty London Girl ;)

    BCB – I’m alright now, I think I’d quite like a game of tag…

    La Bel – ooh I’m exactly the same, telling a story I either bore people to death or push them to hysterical laughter with my long-winded and often nonsensical way of telling a story. Either way they’re not listening!

  4. Aww thanks so much for the tag! =D haha i've always wanted to get tagged (only in the blogosphere that is) so i'm really excited about it! Will get around to posting about it real soon X) Just have to get schoolwork out of the way...

    Haha I used to not mind physical activity when I was a kid now I've become a lot lazier and I think I wouldn't haul my ass off the chair if it weren't for a fear of becoming a big couch potato... Hmm well don't feel too bad about the jacket thing alright; you meant well! Maybe you guys can try and find some other moisturizer that works better...

  5. I always felt the same panic when "tag" games came along in gym or at the playground! Thanks so much for the tag as well :)
    I love your random facts- I always wanted freckles (lol) :)
    As for the leather stain- not sure, but try rubbing it in more with a cloth or just bring it to a fabric store for advice- Good Luck!

  6. You are so lucky to have freckles; my sister has lots but I missed out. Just complied my list, thanks for tagging me! xx

  7. So nice to know things about you, thank you for sharing.

    And Liberty is back? Must check.


  8. I hated physical exercise when I was a kid too (and still do). I never did P.E at school, I always came up with an excuse because I just hated it so much!

  9. I'm very sorry to read #5. I hope you can talk to the person and work things out.

    I repeat stories too, boring everyone in sight! I hope I can break the habit soon.


  10. dotf - no problem :) I'm surprised you didn't have a tag already, you've got a wonderful blog!

    Paula - yes thanks for the advice!

    Sarah - hmmm yes well as I said I don't have that lovely sun-kissed face look, well I suppose mainly because in the summer I avoid the sun like the plague...

    Seeker - no probs ;)

    MissKaren - so glad to have found a kindred spirit!

    enc - it's so lovely to have another thoughtful comment from you :). I don't think I mentioned in the post, it's my mum... I don't know why I skipped that out. It's faded, a little...