Thursday, 15 January 2009

I won't label you...

This past week has not been particularly conducive to creativity, and when I've come home in the evenings I haven't really been up to much writing or blogging. That is to say that after several hours of exams, I decide to spend my spare time as unproductively as possible: browsing the internet, playing solitaire, watching mindless television. And when trying to think about what I should write, I realised that for the first time in a long time my posting ideas list only had one or two big ideas which I didn't have the energy for.

So I looked at my past posts to try and get some ideas, but nothing came. Something else stuck me though. For someone who is not particularly tidy, I get a huge satisfaction from organising. Blogger is grea for this,becuase I get to make my blog super-duper organised with hardly any effort. A perfect example of this would be my highly efficient labelling system of labelling posts. My labels are highly functional but also decorative in their names.

Occasionally however a post arrives which doesn't quite fit into any of the labels. You just make a new one! This is how I realised quite how many different types of posts I do write. There is plenty I don't include on here which I could, but I still don't think this blog could really be categorised in terms of content, or even tone. Off the top of my head, it's been categorised as a style blog, a London blog... I would be interested to knowif anyone disagreed with me but I certainly don't think either of those are perfect descriptions of this.

I was thinking that this may come from the fact that I read so many different types of blogs, covering all manners of topics and tone. The blogs I read also tend to be my readers, so maybe that's reflected as I subconsciously cater to my audience one by one. I do wonder if people when reading blogs are looking for the same sort of stuff that they produce, or the opposite. Do my lovely, lovely readers get a little bit dis-oriented by the direction, which feels inexplicable to me, which the posts take? Do they you come here hoping for a quasi-philosophical post and end up with one of my mildly witty musings? Or do you come for a laugh and instead get lumbered with some 'pretty ponderings'? I like to think that maybe I provide a little bit of a surprise, some eclecticism. But doesn't everyone like to be called eclectic, when really they're just a bit messy?

The sub-heading for the blog is 'a collection of pretty ponderings'. I think that's basically the best I can do. Anyway, at least I'm not bored. Now I just want to make sure you aren't! So, since my ideas list has dwindled a little I thought I'd try opening the floor and seeing if there were any topics you'd like to see me writing about, or just general types of posts you prefer.

And to finish with, as a nice little example of the irregular content I post, I bought this book today:

Sadly my own version, despite being brand-new, is already way more beaten up than the one in this fabulous photo, but it was the only copy left and i really wanted it. And the black paper edges are just too cool.


  1. I love your blog! It gives a perfect mixture of ponderings, fashion, thoughtful ramblings, and funny tidbits. I love your labels too! Sometimes our brains just need a vacation- don't fret about what direction your posts take- I have found them all to be extremely enjoyable :)
    P.S. What is that book! It looks so cool! Let us know if its good!

  2. Aw Paula that was a lovely uplifting comment, thanks. Mwoi! (that's my air kissing sound...)

    Click on the photo, it'll take you to the amazon page for it. It's called The End of Mr Y and the bookseller was really enthusiastic about it, so it should be good! I've only read a few pages because I'm waiting for my nails to dry and I've already messed them up 10000 times...