Sunday, 14 December 2008

I would like to thank [...] for making this post possible

Today's post is also indirectly inspired by other blog posts on a few fabulous blogs. You might call that stealing, but I call it inspo and after all, I do give credit where credit's due. What you are reading today was sparked off by this post by I Hate Generic, although I'd had something along those lines in mind for a while. Then I read about La Belette Rouge being mad at Paris (the city). Actually, I may also be distantly inspired by Susie Bubble writing about the Angel's Vintage Sale, although I'd have probably heard about it anyway. And last but not least, the mind-blowingly generous enc's December giveaway on her blog Observation Mode.

On the surface, these four posts are all entirely different. But in my warped mind at least, they all link perfectly together within my wardrobe.

We'll start off with enc's hilarious video, in which featured some lovely shoes. I mentioned that I had a similar pair and she requested to see them. Here they are:

In buying these, about a year ago now, I was shamelessly copying my cousin when I saw her pair. But I see her a handful of times a year anyway and I do love them lots. They satisfy my inner cool person. More photos here.

You see, I have a deep love for shoes. And, a la La Belette Rouge, I also have a deep love for France. In fact, a long long time ago I dedicated a little collage to the wonderful capital city Paris. When I last went, I was determined to keep a memento, a non-souvenir type thing which I would actually use and not keep in a stack of old postcards or ticket stubs or junk. I came back with four fashiony things: a navy beret (I soon came to the conclusion that I simply do not suit beret), an electric blue corsetty style top from Bershka (which I quickly realised was ill-fitting as well as wholly inappropriate to my body shape) and a stunning grey and yellow scarf from Galeries LaFayette (which is also very fragile and I have barely worn for fear of snagging). Wait, I hear you cry - that's three! I was saving the best 'til last. On the second last day of the trip, on a night out with my lovely hostess (moules et frites, what else???) we wandered into a shoe shop, where there was a sale. Lo and behold, my favouritest shoes from my favouritest place in the world! How can I stay mad at Paris for any length of time wearing such lovely shoes?

And they're patent. Until last weekend, these shoes were the only patent thing in my wardrobe. I mentioned this to the writer of I Hate Generic, who wanted to see a photo. I'm so glad other people appreciate my love for shoe photos!

Yes, you can see where this is going, can't you? Cue:

Why are you smiling, bag? There's nothing to be so happy about!

Ugly, I know. But picture the scene: I've been standing in the freezing cold for ... wait, I've already talked about this. But anyway you pay to get in and then you might as well pick something up or the 3 hours in the freezing cold is effectively a waste. So the bag's a little dusty but we'll find a way to make it work. Maybe I'll even wear it with the beige blazer!


  1. Oh great shoes!!!!

    And the bag, you'll find a way to wear it stylishly.


  2. I love this post and J'adore your Paris shoes. I am a huge patent leather fan. I think the bag is great.

  3. Pretty Face, I love your shoes! And the bag. You continue to reveal really great tidbits about yourself all the time, and maybe one day, I'll be able to form a full picture if you. You'll be wearing patent-leather wingtips and carrying a shiny, smiling bag. Or maybe some Nike high tops. One never knows.

  4. Can't wait to see these two items in action TOGETHER!

  5. Wow, what a lovely response!

    enc - I do pride myself on being highly enigmatic, so don't hold your breath ;)