Friday, 23 May 2008

Paris, je t'aime

There are so many cities and countries I have yet to visit, because every time I go abroad, I tend to repeatedly visit the same cities. The problem is that I get so attached to places, and I have to keep going back. So far, I have only visited Paris a handful of times, but it is one of my favourite cities.

One of my favourite pieces of music which takes me to Paris is 'Memories of Paris', played stunningly by Michel Petrucciani. But today I was bizarrely handed a compilation of some French music including the song 'Les Champs-Élysées'. Whilst not exactly genius music (in my humble opinion) it did remind me how desperately I am hoping to get to go back this summer.

(all photos taken by moi!)

Do you think I'm getting better at the whole paint thing? It saves loads of picture memory!

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