Thursday, 22 May 2008

When retail therapy isn't an option...

Buying something pretty does help lift one's spirits, but it can work out pretty expensive and short-lived. Trying to think about what makes me feel chipper but doesn't cost anything has made me come up with the following things:

-Painting my nails! I just fixed my nails and painted them that lovely warm pink colour. The gold was starting to look a little grubby.

-Watching escape TV. The problem with this is that an hour is gone and there's still a ton of things left undone. But tonight I shall make an exception.

-Tea. Yep, it does work. I like mine with honey.

-Lovely phone conversations with lovely friends. Hmm, no time for this tonight sadly, but it works wonders.

-Making plans. Keeping busy can only be a temporary distraction, but no more temporary than tea or escape TV.

-Showers, not baths. I was beginning to sound all generic so I decided to mix it all up. Baths make me feel gloomy for some reason... I much prefer a quick shower.

I can't think of anything else! Any suggestions???


  1. Stuffing myself with candy. But then I feel badly after!

  2. I should talk because I went on a feeling bad buying rampage this week (oops), but what really helps me is exercising, spending time outdoors, with animals, or with good friends. It's not as easy to do, but I think volunteering somewhere makes me feel better too, although I think that means according to Kant that I'm volunteering for the wrong reasons!