Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Supermarket Sweep...

If someone decided to donate £1000 to my bank account, on the proviso that I spent it on clothes, and they said to me 'you only have 1 hour to spend it all, so I'd advise you limited yourself to one shop', I'd be very happy. As a sign of my gratefulness, I would choose Urban Outfitters because it seemed like the kind of shop they would choose. Then I would totally go out and buy:

That was so very therapeutic, and time-consuming. I don't think my selection is perfect, but I was basically trying to remember everything on my extended wishlist. What would you buy?

Oddly, I was entirely unable to spend the last £4.01. I think I would spend that on some pretty flowers for my lovely doner.


  1. Ha-ha, nice. I wish I could go on such a shopping spree!

  2. It was funny, towards the end of the £1000 I was starting to think... 'there's not much else I want' or 'oooh, look, only £30 for a belt!'