Saturday, 13 December 2008

yay...nay...wahey - REAL LIFE VERSION

So, following on from last week's dream jacket post, I present you with two jackets which I actually own:

This first one was a last-minute pick up at the Vintage sale last week. But it was less than 10 pounds! Still, it's too big. But it's also cashmere! Still, it's beige.

Obviously I can't return it, but I do have a male friend (I think it's actually a man's jacket...) who wants it. So I could give it to him. Or I could let it wallow in my wardrobe on the off-chance that I will wear it. What say you?

This second one I purchased today; it's £25 down from £45! But it could go down more. Still, it's pretty! But I own similar stuff which is warmer and not made of linen mix. Still, it's checked without looking ubiquitious! But I'm not 100% sure that it's flattering.

This one I can return, but I'd have to go to the shops this weekend or maybe next. And I'm hving more troule deciding because I could get £25 back. I'll definitely wear it but I'm not sure how long it will last and if it will be warm enough. What say you?


  1. Oh dear I love the last jacket, plaid with zippers.... a dream. I think plaid come to stay for a while at least all over the winter.
    The first one is a bit of the shoulders, can't you alter it, because I think it's a great jacket to keep.


  2. I LOVE that plaid jacket. It's fun with the zipper going assymetrical but if you don't like it - return it!!!! I think it's cool. Funk it up with some brooches.

    aS for the first one, it's fab but.. you're right - too big. Can you alter it?

  3. I do absolutely adore the aesthetics of the jacket.

    But it's so thin, and the material is already a little fluffy...

    It's almost too thin for winter but too wintery for summer.

  4. I love the plaid jacket, and am hoping you can concoct some sort of warm layering effect for underneath it to make it work. The camel jacket is great, but if it's too big, maybe it'd be better on your friend?