Tuesday, 2 December 2008

yay... nay... wahey...

You may remember that for a long, long time I've been longing for a leopard print faux fur coat. Well, originally it was a mac but now I'm thinking faux fur...

Anyway, this sort of thing isn't particularly cheap but I saved up enough money to buy one. I was planning to last weekend, but ran out of time. Venting my frustration, I began extolling the virtues of leopard print to anybody who would listen.

I was greeted with an all-resounding 'NO'. Apparently, it will clash with my hair, look so 2007 and basically be hideously fugly. Now I'm not one to be swayed by another's opinion, so I started looking at the sort of pricepoints (I considered vintage, but I was repelled by the fact that the last vintage bag I bought, I ended up giving away because I don't like the 'old' smell). I found this beautiful coat on the Topshop website:

Beautiful? As I gazed longingly at it, I began to wonder - would everybody else see it as quite as beautiful as I do?? In fact, I can see how others might find it intensely repulsive. I still love the leopard print, but it seems that the leopard insists on evading me. Plus, I began to fall in love with some alternatives...

Isn't this Lumberjack Check Jacket just the cutest??? I would be buying it right now, this second if a)I had a credit card b)I had any need for it c)I wasn't put off my the complete ubiquity of lumberjack amongst Londoners d)it was leopard print.

And this £150 Mongolian jacket is insanely amazing. But it's also £150. And fluffy.

How fickle am I???


  1. Who cares if others don't love your jacket as you do??If you LOVE it that is all that matters. Which one do you LOVE???? It could be all three that you love. But, lets say you had all three which one would you wear first?

  2. Who cares if your fickle? The ideal would be to own all these jackets, so that you could don the one appropriate to your current mood/outfit.

    They're all great.

  3. The first two words of both your comments have been enormously helpful - 'who cares????'

    Thanks! xx

  4. Fickle is 200% irrelevant in contrast to the cuteness of that last jacket. you have lovely taste :)

  5. Yes, I'll echo the sentiments on this one: who cares? I think they're all fabulous. Actually, a friend of mine has the last Topshop piece. It can look really incredible if it's styled "correctly" -and by that I mean balanced out by some other elements. I say go for it (any of them!) xx.

  6. Thanks to both of you, after several weeks of stalled attempts at hitting the shops this week I reaaaaaally will.... (not to mention the fact that I haven't bought a single present)