Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Scarier Dolly

I hadn't realised until I wrote this post about a 'fug' £100+ doll quite how many scary dolls I have taken photographs of over the years.

Here's one, taken about a year ago on a camera phone even worse than the one I have right now. The barbie looks a little angry.

This doll was meant to look like me. Something about the glazed eyes, unfortunate haircut and zombie-like arms makes that notion sort of offensive.

OK, maybe this one is more funny than scary. But funny in a nervous laughter kind of way, as in how unfortunate a pose for a couple of preteens to create. And you can't deny that the lopsided mouth and coming-apart stitching wouldn't look out of place in a slasher film.


  1. Barbie on top of a chocolate fountain. Nice irony. Was this at a performance art event? Maybe it is just me but the red head and the monkey don't scare me(not even the pose;-) and I can find dolls to be creepy. I know a lady who has a house full of dolls and I don't know how she can live among all those eyes. Wha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaa!

  2. OK, so that IS a half-doll attached to a chocolate fountain ... eerie.

  3. They're all creepy, I concur.