Thursday, 2 October 2008

Comfort Reading

I know that every ounce of my blues right now is utterly down to hormones and I have not one single reason to feel at all down. Nevertheless, I can't remember smiling this evening and as a smiley person I am worried.... comfort eating never seems to work...

Having just finished a rather depressing book, and yesterday embarking upon the fun-fest that is Anna Karenina, today I reached out for some comfort reading. I know that what with all the wonderful wonderful stuff out there I should really be continuing to build my reading foundations, therefore I should not waste time re-reading yet, and if I were to then re-reading Harry and the Wrinklies is not the book to choose, not being mind-nourishing, intellect-building yada yada yada. But I'm really looking forward to going to bed and starting this book for the 100000th time.


  1. Enjoy it, you're allowed.

  2. Good for you. I too have some books that I turn to again and again that are soothing, comforting and not at all depressing. Hope you had a good read.:-)