Thursday, 2 October 2008

Soppiness ahead...

When I hear the phrase 'outlet for your anger' or 'emotional outlet' or 'creative outlet' I often feel like I want to hurl. But sometimes, taking your mind off actual life and immersing yourself in a world where the only thing that matters is your creation, being as utterly perfect as possible, can be very calming.

I felt like changing my 'What's making me happy' picture. Surely a bag can't make a person feel happy for over a week. But as I looked through my recent pictures, nothing really stood out. I suppose I've been in an odd mood lately; it feels like everybody around me is in an odd mood too.

But then I went into the folder in My Pictures labelled 'CARDS' and looking at my own creations, seeing something I can be pretty sure that I do well, I felt a little egotistical but also quite happy. My latest card, which is actually, shamefully over a month old is the one I put up to the right. It also felt like a good choice, because love is something which always makes people happy, right?


  1. Love is indeed something that can make everyone happy. It's a lovely card, and a lovely sentiment.

    p.s.: I think a bag can make you happy for longer than a week, but that's just me.

  2. No, of course the bag itself can continue to make me happy, when I wear it. But currently, in the throes of the week when I am limited to unsightly but practical backpacks, my pretty not-so-new bag isn't pressing all the 'happy' buttons. If that makes sense.