Friday, 3 October 2008


Whoever invented the smile, deserves some sort of amazing prize. If they were a blogger, they would definitely deserve this lovely blogging award, which the beautiful Mettch of beautiful blog La Route du Mimosa passed on to me.

Visiting her blog last night, I saw that the award had been waiting for me for a couple of days, but I was immensely grateful that I'd only seen it then, when I needed a reason for a smile. :)

I think most of the bloggers I visit have already received this lovely, lovely award so I'm going to cheat and give it right back to everyone on my daily reading blog list. I am not exclusive about my blog list, it's merely for my own convenience so that I don't need to remember the URLs of the blogs I visit, but that does mean that I love every single one of the blogs on there.

Also, I promise to award this award to whover invented the smile, as soon as they set up a blog.

Update: as a thanks for the lovely award and smile to Mettch, I thought I'd post a pic I took a couple of weeks ago of one of the dresses I was debating wearing to the theatre (I chickened out and wore a skirt; they all look so dressed up!).


  1. happy to be able to put a smile on your face, dear :) i must say you look absolutely smashing in that dress! it's beyond beautiful. the shoes as well <3

  2. Congratulations on receiving the award!

    I really like this dress on you, and the shoes are really sweet.

  3. Thank you! I bought the shoes because I felt that you need to learn to walk in heels from a young age, and they were in sale. But I do love theml they feel sort of magical.

  4. The thing about smiles is that they're free:)

    I invite you to visit real people sharing real stories about how love has really impacted and changed their lives. Share your story, struggles, or testimonies. Blessings...

  5. Congrats on the award! And that dress/shoe combo are gorgeous!