Saturday, 23 October 2010


For the past week or so, a twitch in my left eye has been extremely irritating me. The fact is, I am experiencing the extreme fatigue of accumulated stress and lack of sleep. So one day I decided to go to sleep at 10PM, but I was still tired the next day, on which I reverted back to normal and went to bed past midnight. I know, it's all my fault really. A couple of days ago, I even tried cutting out caffeine, but my eye continued to twitch.

Today, the first day of my week-long break, after a night out last night, I woke up naturally at 9AM. I wanted to die. I was so tired.

Plus, I had a whole day planned. On the way there, I just closed my eyes, and when I arrived at my destination, I really didn't want to get out of the car. But, I did. And as soon as I got out of the car, my tiredness melted away.

I entered a world of luxury.

London is a strange city, where a stone's throw can separate vastly different worlds. But even more drastic, the London I live in is in fact separated by miles, and often feels like a different city.

In W1, everything is special. Everything is moneyed. Everyone is beautiful.

I tried to marvel at and find meaning in Damien Hirst's 'Poisons and Remedies'

Then I desperately needed to pee and so used the Claridge's toilets (I was tempted to take photos but wisely abstained). It was the most beautiful toilet I have ever used.

Then, the biggest treat, tea at Fortnum and & Masons (whose toilets nearly rival Claridge's).

And finally, a (genuinely) fascinating art installation at the White Cube Gallery (and more beautiful people to admire).

I felt rejuvenated. I got home, and went for an hour long run and when I finished I didn't feel tired. I think there must be some sort of fuel in beauty, either than or I'm still running on caffeine after abstaining for two days.


  1. Good day!
    I cannot say enough about Purity 12's product like the SP beauty lift-instant face lift wrinkle serum. My skin stays hydrated the whole day, and I mean so soft and glowing! I am so into all their products and hope they never stop making them. My face looks ten years younger and no wrinkles at all!

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous day. I envy your tea and museum viewing. I am a big fan of Damien's work. Lucky you!!!xoxo