Tuesday, 13 July 2010

what a week

This past week has not treated me well. None of it has been life-changing, but in the midst of it I really do feel like the universe did not want things to go right for me. PMT probably played a part, but that doesn't make it any better; in fact, it probably makes being unable to catch a single bus on time all week even worse. Other contributing, but not mitigating, factors include: overwhelming heat, the tail-end of the year, and pre-birthday malaise.

Here is the week epitomised:

My two and half year old purse broke. I subsequently lost my lunch card, some coins, and nearly lost my keys.

I bought a new purse on Saturday, only to find out that it was £6 cheaper online, minus travelling pain and costs. Sunday and Monday weren't much better.

Still, I need to resolutely STOP feeling sorry for myself. So I should factor in the 10% student discount I received, and the postage costs if I had ordered the purse online, and then see that my purchase actually worked out 5 pence CHEAPER than the online option (which you can find here). And I have a fabulous purse, which not only doesn't have a broken zip; it has surplus zips!

Yes, I have had a bad week, but the next week is going to be fabulous. This time next week it will be my birthday! And there will be joy, and presents, and cake.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing you wrote in the last paragraph before I got there. Getting all the bad stuff out of the way so your new year can be wonderful!
    p.s. I voted!